How to Become a Polymath in 21st Century?

How to Become a Polymath in 21st Century?

The world is made of three types of people. Some specialists understand one subject inside out. Then there are jacks of all trades who can be found everywhere. The last group is the polymath. Being a polymath means that you are talented in more than one area of study but limited to about 5 specializations.

History has a special place for Polymath. The likes of Aristotle, Jefferson, Copernicus, and Isaac Newton are the predecessors of the polymaths of the 21st century. You find their input in sciences, arts, and social studies, among other areas. They excelled in all these areas, leaving you wondering how they managed.

Is there room for becoming a polymath in the 21st Century? The opportunity is available today more than at any other time in the history of mankind. Learning materials are available to help you pursue all the areas of specialization you would desire. The world is also looking for multitalented individuals and paying them well for their skills. You can easily multitask because of technology, ease of movement, and availability of resources. So, how do you become a polymath?

Being a polymath is a calling. If you do not feel satisfied applying just math and are attracted to literature, language, business, and other professions, then you are on the way. Here is a guide on how to be a polymath.

  • Love school

What does polymath mean? The Greek word means a person of many learnings. It is impossible to fit into that definition without loving school. You must love to study and perform well. Polymaths have no room for preferences. They effortlessly excel in all academic areas. You have to copy this trend to become a successful polymath.

  • Organize your time

Polymaths get deep into each of their chosen areas of study. You have to beat a specialist in the area to be recognized. That can only happen when you dedicate enough time to each of the areas you have chosen.

Dedicating time requires you to organize your schedule to the last minute. Identify and allocate enough time for each area of study. You must sacrifice activities that are not related to your academic pursuit to help you find enough time for academic work.

  • Pursue your passion

What keeps you awake? If you want to become a polymath, you must follow your heart. It takes pure talent to excel in several areas, including beating specialists. Students and professionals who follow their passion are more insightful. They find it easy to study and are creative when working in the industry. Choose areas that you are passionate about and your dream of becoming a polymath will materialize.

  • Have the tenacity

The minute you declare that I want to be a polymath, you must prepare for the hard work that comes with it. Some of the subjects will be difficult to understand. You cannot give on the studies. Push yourself to understand the concepts to improve your potential. If you give up easily, you cannot attain the goal.

  • Be deliberate

Only the deliberate people can succeed as polymaths. It means that you dedicate your time and efforts to particular areas until you can see the fruits. Once you choose multiple subjects to study, you do not have a chance to look back. Allocate your time and energy towards the areas you have chosen with specific goals. Push until these goals are achieved.

It is easy to understand how to be a polymath. The challenging part is dedicating time and effort to achieve your academic goals. Once you get to professional life, you need to take the incentive to be good in different areas until you realize your dream.

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