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Assignment Sample: What Is Wrong with Disney Princess Stereotypes?

Disney world is full of movies with princess stereotypes. When asked to write an essay on why Disney princesses are bad, you are required to explore the role and give a critical view of the depiction. You may take sides with the idea or support the stereotype. In either of the cases, you must justify your position. Writing an essay on Disney princess stereotypes requires you to adhere to academic writing rules as well as focus on the specific subject. Here is a guide on how to produce the best essay and a sample of the paper you are expected…

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20 Funny Math Questions with Answers

If you approach math with the right attitude, it can be fun. You will encounter funny math questions that jog your mind and come with the most interesting answers. Most of the questions test your logic. Others come with illusions that result in the wrong answers. The funny math answers are equally interesting. Here are tricky math equations and questions that will blow your mind. I am an odd number. Take away one letter, I will become even. Which number am I? Answer: Seven. Seven is an odd number. If you remove ‘S’ in the beginning, you will be left…

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